• Tell Our President and Congress: Allow Americans To Opt-Out of Social Security


    We believe being forced by our government to involuntarily ‘contribute’ over six percent of our earned income to a program that does not guarantee the safe return of our money in our lifetime is a terrible disservice to those of us who are not yet near Social Security’s “full retirement” age of 67.  

    We believe the Social Security system has robbed younger citizens of the opportunity to save money toward their eventual retirement. 

    We believe any compulsory social insurance system operates against the free will of the citizens of the United States of America and we reject any such plan.  Social Security contradicts the very principals of individual freedom that our great country was founded upon. 

    We unconditionally demand our lawmakers immediately allow every citizen the choice to opt-out of paying individual taxes toward Social Security or any future government social welfare program.   

    We demand the right to take back our six percent and save, invest or spend or earnings as we each independently see fit.  

    -R.J. Renza

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Name not Displayed,  Portage Nov 30th -0001 # 49
Social security is an infringement on personal liberties and an insult to my intelligence. In "the land of the free" we should be entitled to make our own decisions regarding retirement planning and not be forced to pay into a failing system that we want no part of. I am about to graduate college and enter the workforce, so I will declare it right now that I do not want anything to do with social security. I do not wish to fund it or receive any of the benefits. As a savvy investor I am beyond confident that if the government treated me as the responsible adult I am rather than a naiive child, and trusted me to manage my own security then I would not only break even, but actually get an ROI that would counter inflation and justify investing long term. Social security is essentially a twisted Robin Hood that steals from everybody then returns part of their stolen property every year. If people die before their wealth can be returned then the government just pockets the profit and redistributes it to strangers. This is wrong and needs to end immediately.
Katrina Prieur,  San Diego Nov 30th -0001 # 48
Robin  ruark,  Berlin Md.  Nov 30th -0001 # 47
Cameron Pettitt,  Florence Nov 30th -0001 # 46
Social Security is a massive pozi scheme. The goverment is heavily irresponsible with it and on the basis of free will I should not haft to pay into such a method. The goverment is forcing me to pay into a system that I will receive little benefits off
Justin Waldman,  Montclair Nov 30th -0001 # 45
I would rather choose to purchase my own disability Insurance and invest in my own retirement plan. Instead of having money being taken away from me and being put into a ponzi scheme.
Name not Displayed,  Larchmont Nov 30th -0001 # 44
I am a 29 year old financially save hard working American. I save amd invest as much of my earned income as I possible can. It is my belief that I will pay more into S.S. then what I will receive in future benefits. If I invested 6.2 percent of my income since I was 15 (when. I started working) until full retirement age I would have a better chance at a comfortable retirement. That fact that my government steals my hard earned money is criminal. S.S. is the biggest ponzi scam and if I was ever given the opportunity to opt out I would do so in a heart beat.
Grecia Esparza,  Downey Nov 30th -0001 # 43
Christopher Conger,  Eureka Nov 30th -0001 # 42
Name not Displayed,  Albuquerque Nov 30th -0001 # 41
I never had a choice to opt in and make my own informed decision.
Jeff Hannah,  Denver Nov 30th -0001 # 40
Because I want the money for my retirement savings, like my Roth.
Name not Displayed,  Exeter Nov 30th -0001 # 39
Freddie  cattledge,  hornlake Nov 30th -0001 # 38
Everything I work hard for the government and its wats half
Daniel Cronk,  Lafayette Nov 30th -0001 # 37
Travis Ridgell,  Lexington Park Nov 30th -0001 # 36
Jeremiah Shultz,  La Mesa Nov 30th -0001 # 35
Tyler Sills,  Grand Rapids Nov 30th -0001 # 34
Frankly the inter-generational transfer of wealth to the generation who has not only soaked themselves with benefits but have also run up the national debt and has destroyed the middle class and value system of this country is just bull shit.
Andrew Buchanan,  New YOrk Nov 30th -0001 # 33
scott benton,  deer park Nov 30th -0001 # 32
Stephen Wellman,  Pahoa Nov 30th -0001 # 31
Aloha! I am 62! In 2001 I sent a letter to GW Bush our President then, offering to relinquish all my future SS benefits in exchange for no further SS tax deductions from my paychecks. Never hear back! I took that as a NO DEAL! I tried ... now you Millies are stuck with me! Can you pay me in 1969 dollars? Question authority!
Max Harris,  Seattle Nov 30th -0001 # 30
Steven McVey,  Salem Nov 30th -0001 # 29
I like the description I heard made by a guest on the Debt Dialogues, "Stealing from the poor and giving to the fat." Let me make my own decisions on where the money I earn goes!
Patrick Jarrold,  Albany Nov 30th -0001 # 28
Social Security is government initiation of force, which violates my rights and the rights of every one of its victims, substituting the judgement of lawmakers for my own judgement, and preventing me from determining how best to live my life. Social Security is evil.
Alex Mironov,  Severna Park Nov 30th -0001 # 27
Expropriating the fruits of my labor is immoral and violates my rights guaranteed by the US law. Extorting my property "for my own good" is a form of tyranny. I am highly unlikely to receive return from the Social Security; therefore, it is a scam. Even if it were not a scam, I am by far more qualified to manage money than any government employee or a group thereof - they are government employees precisely because they lack intelligence, qualifications, skills and aptitude to profitably operate a commercial enterprise of any sort.
Michael Lang,  BEDFORD Nov 30th -0001 # 26
Matthew Wean,  San Francisco Nov 30th -0001 # 25
Victor Canipe,  Winston-Salem Nov 30th -0001 # 24
Name not Displayed,  Winston-Salem Nov 30th -0001 # 23
Hector Avellaneda,  Tomball Nov 30th -0001 # 22
Because it is immoral to steal from me and to take the fruits of my labor at gun point when I 1) prefer to keep my wages; 2) do not want to participate in social security and 3) believe i can better invest my wages today for maximum return in the future.
Alicia Gammons,  west palm beach Nov 30th -0001 # 21
I agree with this 100%!
Ted J,  Myrtle Beach Nov 30th -0001 # 20
David Fortin,  Greenville Nov 30th -0001 # 19
vern wright,  boone Nov 30th -0001 # 18
Heidi Watkoski,  Lake Worth Nov 30th -0001 # 17
the government does not have the best interest in my retirement or what happens to the money I pay into social security.
Mitchell Clark,  Arlington Nov 30th -0001 # 16
The government will squander my money away per usual leaving me with nothing. If a program is not voluntary then you can not exercise freedom.
David Olson,  Seabrook Nov 30th -0001 # 15
Ellen  Murphy,  lake worth Nov 30th -0001 # 14
Im done paying for social security because i will never see a penny!
Rich Renza,  BOYNTON BEACH Nov 30th -0001 # 13
Ellen  Murphy,  lake worth Nov 30th -0001 # 11
Freddie  cattledge,  hornlake Nov 30th -0001 # 9
Daniel Cronk,  Lafayette Nov 30th -0001 # 8
I dont want to kiss my money goodbye!
Tyler Sills,  Grand Rapids Nov 30th -0001 # 7
I dont want to pay any more
Name not Displayed,  Niles Nov 30th -0001 # 5
scott benton,  deer park Nov 30th -0001 # 4
Max Harris,  Seattle Nov 30th -0001 # 3
because i want it to be done
Steven McVey,  Salem Jan 14th 2015 # 2
Hector Avellaneda,  Tomball Jan 14th 2015 # 1
Yes I Do
Randall Axelrod,  Wyndmoor Jan 15th 2015 # 0
Yes I Like Greenry
Mitchell Clark,  Arlington Jan 15th 2015 # 0
I <3 trees
Heidi Watkoski,  Lake Worth Jan 13th 2015 # 0
i like this
vern wright,  boone Jan 15th 2015 # 0
David Fortin,  Greenville Jan 11th 2015 # 0
David Fortin,  Greenville Jan 15th 2015 # 0
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Ted J,  Myrtle Beach Jan 15th 2015 # 0
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